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Alexa's Travels #3.
The Between Two Worlds -crew. (Another web comic of mine, more about this later... -jjn 30.8 -04)
She sends me junk mail. About 100 posts a day, she's very determined.
Fire... FIRE!
The main characters of DR. You may know some of them...
Some pixel art. Strictly for fun. ^__^
Heroes of Kalevala. Illustration for the university magazine.
A Very Basic Manga Image. Just for the sake of it.
Alexa. She's French. She travels around.
Such is life.
I tried to create a Gorillaz -style cartoon band... here's the only member I've sketched out so far...
Coen and El.
Illustrating quotes.
It's Link.
Illustrating quotes.
A class doodle.
Explanation below.
I've had this "I'll illustrate your piece of text" -thing happening on the DR forum for some time, these are some of the results.
...the same.
Fooling around with Painter and Photoshop. IMO the sea looks pretty good considering it was done 100% by hand. (Well, okay, using a Wacom tablet, but still...)
I spent some time on the beach and read through Masamune Shirow's Appleseed vol 2-4. That must be what made me draw this pic...
She's Jen Yu from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
El, of Desert Rocks. Nizna & Mayna will be back a bit later, so no need to worry about them.
As a result of an art swap project among web comic fans/artists we had at the D101 forum, I drew this scene involving the characters from J.A. Elamparo's comic Terminal.
I'd love to live in a flat like this!
I tried to draw something annoyingly cute, and I think I succeeded, at least concerning the annoyment factor.
I tried to draw a realistic portrait of Frank Zappa, but ended up liking this quick sketch a lot more (As usual).
Me and my friends spent an evening drawing LOTR characters. I got Legolas.
Living in a satellite fantasy.
Desert Rocks - The old front page image.
Starry Night - This is an old picture. It's the first decent picture I made of the world of Desert Rocks. I sold the original for a good price. ;)
October Angst - It's always this time of year...

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