Desert Rocks

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Chapter 1
All My Wasted Time

(Redrawn 01/2003)

Chapter 2
Heavy Whispers

(Redrawn 05/2003)

Chapter 3
Lost Again

Chapter 4
Us And Them

Chapter 5
Have A Date

Chapter 6
I've seen the nations rise and fall...

Chapter 7
What You See Is What You Get

Chapter 8
The Days After

Chapter 9
Many Lives

Chapter 10
The Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 11
Piles of Toast and Broken Promises




18.04 -05
Ok, I tried to work on DR while also working on my finnish web comic, but the stress is unbearable, so DR is gonna go on hiatus until the finnish comic is finished. (It's not gonna be as epic as DR.) HOWEVER! I'm gonna start publishing it in english while the process lasts, so there'll definitely be something worth waiting for. Now, let's decide a date... 1st of May!

There'll be a link to the new comic here the first of May!

04.04 -05
2 new pages. the end of the current chapter. Next: What's up with El and Coen? :D

21.03 -05
Ok, 3 more pages up. I'll color them when I have the time.


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